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To honour people as whole-complete beings and without judgment, so that we feel liberated to become our best selves.  

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Host Debra Scott chats with Rachael Abah about our authentic inner voice and how to find it. 

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Rachael Abah

 An experienced Culture & Personal Leadership Consultant, Rachael Abah is a subject Matter Expert who has a certificate in Experiential Psychotherapy from the Transpersonal Therapy Centre, a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from York University and a certificate in Medicine Wheel Facilitation-Professional from Bear Standing Tall & Associates.   

Rachael is a well travelled and well informed thought leader whose profound insights into human behaviour and communication are compelling.  As an avid researcher, content creator, producer, and lifelong learner, she continues to draw and apply valuable data from various fields that include: Linguistics, history, anthropology, neuroscience, religion, and African Philosophy.  She is a sought after advisor, speaker, and mentor.

The Work

According to the publication Psychology Today, "Transpersonal Therapy unlike most forms of psychotherapy that concentrate on improving mental health, transpersonal therapy  takes a more holistic approach, addressing mental, physical, social,  emotional, creative, and intellectual needs, with an emphasis on the role of a healthy spirit in healing.  To facilitate healing and growth,  transpersonal therapy places great emphasis on honesty, open-mindedness,  and self-awareness on the part of the therapist as well as the client."  

My commitment is to revealing truths and sharing deep knowledge with people who have a burning desire to experience a heightened sense of personal clarity, connection and calm. 

My approach is grounded in African Philosophy, which combines Intuition, Science, Reason, and Creative Imagination.  As a result clients can expect to get customized solutions that are consistent, comprehensive, elegant, and effective.  I collaborate with individuals, entrepreneurs, healers, creatives, leaders, and organizations committed to positive transformation, interpersonal excellence and dynamic growth.   


Difficulties can hold important clues to our next breakthrough idea, partnership, project or life decision.  As someone who has faced profound personal adversity a.k.a. "gifts" from the universe, I can admit that it took me years to consider the idea that challenges can be opportunities in disguise. 

It hasn't been an easy road getting to this realization; however, what I know to be true for me is that I am the author of my own story.  I have experienced unspeakable anguish, disappointment, betrayal, abuse, frustration, anger, rage, guilt, sadness, confusion, exhaustion, and even reluctant joy.  Yet, I believe that where there is a will and a clear decision made, there will always be a way through.  Must we wait until we feel alone, hopeless and completely evicted from our own minds before we take meaningful action to secure our well-being?   

Tentatively at first, I decided to engage in my own therapeutic healing journey before ever considering working with clients.  I ascribe to the wisdom of an ancient proverb that also appears in the book of Luke 4:23, "Physician, heal thyself".  I have found that when I approach a situation with genuine curiosity, a willing heart and a ready sense of humour, magic happens.  And by magic I mean recognizing help when it shows up for us, community in unlikely forms, deep wisdom, resilience practices and unique perspectives that can drive positive progress.    

I invite you to book your very own 30 minute complimentary consultation with me and together we can write the next chapter of your success story.  Until we meet again for the first time, remain blessed.


Rachael Abah.


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Clarity conversations where we can address your overall well-being. I provide holistic guidance, and strategies for creating your best life.  

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Personal Leadership & Culture

Mentoring sessions that address your Leadership, Culture and Business Development goals. I provide deep insight, analysis and, decision-making strategies that can help organizations and individuals master complex challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

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What clients are sharing about their experiences working with me. 


Q:  What is "Transpersonal" Psychology?

A:   Transpersonal literally means, "Beyond the physical being".  And in African Philosophy, the practice of harmonizing our mind, body, spirit and environment connections is encouraged for maintaining optimal well-being; however, the concept was later adopted and made popular by western Psychologists, Carl Jung, Abraham Maslow and William James in their earlier works.

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  Three steps to break away from technology... advice from RACHAEL ABAH, TRANSPERSONAL COUNSELOR. ABAH blends ancient wisdom with modern realities. plus... Virtual Reality that can read your emotions. This is Futurism Weekly with Kunle Bristow.   

"Inner Voice": radio Interview with host Debra Scott


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